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Shalimar's ApothecaryofScent.com 

A world of scent and beauty, designed to put you in touch with the inner nourishment found deep inside of all of us. When you immerse yourself into the world of beautiful fragrance, a transformation takes place that can lift you to a new center of awareness. 

Whether it is the end of a difficult day, which melts away during a sensuous bubble bath with a scented candle, or a quick whiff of a rich and luxurious fragrance that brings us to a refreshment in the middle of the day, scent is a means of nourishment and relaxation that can be quickly accessed when needed.

The scent of mint is invigorating, lavender is relaxing, while orange blossom is gentle, sweet, and soothing for the nervous system. Browse around and find a special world of healing at ApothecaryofScent.com! 


Here you will find our online store, where you can browse a lovely selection of fragrant products from around the world.

Including Santa Maria Novella from Italy, Mariage Freres and Parfum du Nicolai from France, among other exotic lines of European fragrance. 

Our local handcrafted and artisan lines such as Nature Spirits, and Los Angelust are available as well! 

If you need more special attention to your inner well being and personal self-help healing process, or if you would like to learn about what it takes to help others during a healing process by alternative methods, we offer classes, seminars, and special retreats taught by master herbalist, Shalimar Luciano.

For more information on these special offerings taught by Shalimar, click here.